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The Day After Trump Won

Leslie Jamison

‘I feel afraid, and I do not know what to make of yesterday’s belief. I can see that belief like an object shimmering underwater, a kind of relic.’

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Diary of a Gulag Prison Guard

Ivan Chistyakov

‘Freedom, even with hunger and cold, is still precious and irreplaceable.’

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The White Bloc

James Pogue

‘This election made clear that white people in this country have begun to vote how Southern whites always have: as a bloc.’

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Peace Shall Destroy Many

Miriam Toews

‘It creates deep-seated wells of rage that find no release.’

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To Live and Die in South Korea

Françoise Huguier & A.M. Homes

‘Blow the candle out, taste the darkness and come back changed.’

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The Tenant

Victor Lodato

‘The boy was gone, and for a moment she panicked – a feeling that confused her.’

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My Angel

Adam Thorpe

‘I am full of unreal desires and worthless imaginings.’

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The Ferryman

Azam Ahmed

‘I do not do this work for the government, or the Taliban, or even the men who I collect from the battlefield and return to their loved ones. All these years I have done this for God.’

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Kathleen Jamie

‘I liked the way she travelled: with her iPod in one pocket, her traditional Yup’ik woman’s knife, or ulu, in the other.’

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To Recall, To Praise

Spencer Reece

2014 Christmas time. Madrid. No snow. Every five years or so snow falls over the...

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The Second Night is Ending

Mikail Eldin

When the First Chechen War began in 1994 Mikail Eldin was a young arts journalist...

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Best Book of 1981: Lanark

Lorna Gibb

Lorna Gibb on why Alasdair Gray's Lanark is the best book of 1981.

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Leagues Away

Benjamin Markovits

The first real job I ever had was playing basketball for a minor league team...

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War and Peace on the Big Sandy River

Dean H. King

Far from the canyons of lower Manhattan or the rugged peaks of Afghanistan, 9/11 led...

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David Macey

‘In an hour or so, the bats will fly during a brief twilight. And then the tree frogs will begin to chirp in the dark ’