Steven Hall: The Granta Podcast, Ep. 75

Steven Hall & Ted Hodgkinson

Photo by Jerry Bauer.

Continuing our series of podcasts on the Best of Young British Novelists 4, we hear from Steven Hall. Born in Derbyshire, Hall’s first novel, The Raw Shark Texts, won the Borders Original Voices Award and the Somerset Maugham Award, and has been translated into twenty-nine languages. ‘Spring’ and ‘Autumn’, in the issue, are excerpts from his upcoming second novel, The End of Endings. Here he spoke to online editor Ted Hodgkinson about how the internet is, to his mind, disturbing the possibility of a novel with a single continuous narrative thread, writing from memory and the significance of Ian the cat in his first novel.

Steven Hall will also be appearing as part of a panel discussion at the ICA on 6 June:

Paths to Publication
5 p.m. – 6 p.m., ICA Studio, £5 / Free to ICA members

In the age of self-publishing what role can the literary magazine play in cementing the reputation of new writers? What is the relationship between experimental writing and publishing practices? The discussion will feature Jacques Testard (The White Review Editor), Christian Lorentzen (N+1/London Review of Books Senior Editor) and Steven Hall (Canongate Author).

For more details please visit the ICA website,

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