A cloudless sky and I’m back
an ice-cold sky-blue rag
for my eyes

Nobody move I said
between every stutter of light
and someone is cutting
yellow grass a block away

A cloudless sky is
wiped clean

Music that’s left over and hangs on everything sounds like it could use some
more gasoline

Nobody gets hurt

Grass disappears behind the blinds

Was that really a lawnmower or
no was it bees


A cloudless sky shuts
the door behind me softly so
softly like cotton soaked
in alcohol

I start at the tips of my toes

Moving up
through a pile of blue
pine needles

And then move down

This part won’t hurt a bit it’s just children or birds exploding in a game you
can’t see

A cloudless sky
can see

Birds in circles

Jump ropes scrape the sidewalk


A cloudless sky asleep
will wake to the sound of the AC
and turn and fall again
in love with a glass of water
and a blue pill

I used to sleep in sheets but now I sleep in mint jelly

I wish there was an opposite shore

you could swim
from one end to the other of
without a wave

Thunderheads piling up across the bedroom are something I can feel beneath
my fingernails

A cloudless sky pares its nails with scissors
in the shape of a bird

The tide goes out but the air stays on


A cloudless sky tells me everything I want to know in soft blue couplets

You’re okay
You’re okay

Eating Advil
and mentholated

Wet static pools
to one side of my pillow and
vowels to the other

What would you like to hear?

A cloudless sky left on

Rain on one side of the street

Snow on the other


A cloudless sky won’t cry
into its pillow like a toilet flushed
over and over again
no eyes anymore just

Who is cutting
someone else in half?

I can hear sunlight
I can hear grass
I can hear my hair

Let the ice from the ice-tray shine on me

I used to live in a house now I live
in a cloudless sky

above my bed without moving a muscle in the broken blue eggshell morning
and I’m your good little boy

Photograph by Chuck and Alice Riecks

War Letters