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Introducing Javier Arancibia Contreras

Andrés Barba

‘In this story, the troubled translator’s only interlocutor is, of course, a rat with human vices and traits.’

Andrés Barba

ANDRÉS BARBA (born in Madrid in 1975), became known in 2001 with La hermana de Katia (finalist of the Herralde prize and brought to the big screen by Mijke de Jong), which was followed by eight more novels that confirmed him as one of the most important Spanish novelists of his generation: Ahora Tocad Música de Baile, Versiones de Teresa (winner of the Torrente Ballester Award), Such Small Hands, August, October, Death of a Horse (winner of the Juan March Award), En Presencia de un Payaso, and A Luminous Republic (winnder of the Herralde Award, finalist for the Gregor Von Rezzori Award). He is also the author of several essays, poetry and he has translated into Spanish the works of authors including Herman Melville, Henry James, Joseph Conrad and Thomas De Quincey. He was chosen by Granta magazine as one of the best young Spanish-language storytellers. His work has been translated into twenty four languages.

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