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Sally Rooney and Joanna Walsh in Conversation

Sally Rooney & Joanna Walsh

‘What I’m trying to do is to find ways of expressing myself which try to subvert those forms in order to make the speech act, or the writing act, transgressive in a way.’

Sally Rooney

Sally Rooney was born in County Mayo. Her writing has appeared in Stinging Fly, the Dublin Review and Winter Pages. She lives in Dublin and is working on her first novel.

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Joanna Walsh

Joanna Walsh’s writing has been published by Dalkey, Granta, Salt and others. Her books include Fractals, Hotel and Vertigo. She writes criticism for the Guardian, the New Statesman, and the National (UAE) and is fiction editor at 3:AM Magazine. She also runs #readwomen, described by the New York Times as ‘a rallying cry for equal treatment for women writers’.

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