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Another Great Test Piece

Will Boast

This was all another test. And again!

Sharons Muckle Nice Test Post

Caroline Crampton

The following is an excerpt from Sharons Muckle Nice Test Post: God help us, we’re in the hands of engineers. Hey, you know how I’m, like, always trying to save the planet? Here’s my chance. I gave it a cold? I gave it a virus. A computer virus. You’re a very talented young man, with your own clever thoughts and ideas. Do you need a manager?

The Silkworms

Janet Frame

‘Nothing has changed, Edgar said. What new event is written into their history? None. Where is their future? Nowhere. Are they against or for progress? It was dark when Edgar took the box outside down to the rubbish heap and sprinkled the dead moths upon the ashes of the diseased pawpaw.’ Janet Frame on an unsettling natural process.

The Transition

Luke Kennard

‘A man sat on the corner of Karl's anorak and didn't notice, pulling Karl slightly to the right. He stared at the man's shoes. Brogues, a slight residue of shoe polish. He stared ahead at the empty stage. Now he had left it too long to do anything about it.’ Luke Kennard's fictional take on business motivational classes.

Vladimir in Love

Lara Vapnyar

‘He regretted not buying the flowers.’

My Angel

Adam Thorpe, Caroline Crampton & Joseph Roth

‘I am full of unreal desires and worthless imaginings.’

Her Boy

Mika Taylor

‘She is the first dolphin mother, Peter her boy genius.’

First Semester

John Maradik & Caroline Crampton

‘When she reached her hand into his underwear, again she felt the turtle.’


Ka Bradley

‘Nathan: there’s something in the basement. In the locked rooms I was telling you about.’

What’s Not There Can’t Hurt You

Sara Taylor

‘A shadow gained body and grew, looming over the bed, and he caught the impression of long teeth and many limbs, smelled something claylike and vegetal.’

While the Nightjar Sleeps

Andrew Michael Hurley

‘But while the nightjar sleeps,’ said the mole, ‘it dreams of what it used to be and still sees beyond what isn’t true. And so can we, if we choose to look.’