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Interview: David Godine

Eric Burns

‘David R. Godine is a respected, adventurous, outspoken publisher and a soi-disant cultural elitist.’

Interview: Eleanor Catton

Eleanor Catton

Eleanor Catton, author of the critically acclaimed, Betty Trask-award-winning debut novel, The Rehearsal, talks to Granta.

Interview: Uwem Akpan

Jeremiah Chamberlin

‘I just wanted to say something about how decent people struggle in difficult situations.’

The Man from Hiroshima

Maurizio Chierici

‘“Then the explosion stunned me momentarily. Hiroshima disappeared under a yellow cloud. No one spoke after that.”’

The Exploding Planet of Junot Díaz

Evelyn Ch’ien

‘On a windy Thursday night in late February I stood in a faintly lit street in Harlem, in front of a modern building where Junot Díaz and his fiancée, Elizabeth de Leon, are staying.’