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Interview: David Godine

Eric Burns

‘David R. Godine is a respected, adventurous, outspoken publisher and a soi-disant cultural elitist.’

Interview: Eleanor Catton

Eleanor Catton

Eleanor Catton, author of the critically acclaimed, Betty Trask-award-winning debut novel, The Rehearsal, talks to Granta.

Interview: Uwem Akpan

Jeremiah Chamberlin

‘I just wanted to say something about how decent people struggle in difficult situations.’

The Man from Hiroshima

Maurizio Chierici

‘“Then the explosion stunned me momentarily. Hiroshima disappeared under a yellow cloud. No one spoke after that.”’

The Exploding Planet of Junot Díaz

Evelyn Ch’ien

‘On a windy Thursday night in late February I stood in a faintly lit street in Harlem, in front of a modern building where Junot Díaz and his fiancée, Elizabeth de Leon, are staying.’

A Conversation with Orhan Pamuk

Maureen Freely

‘How do you hold your own in such a climate?’

Interview: Philippe Claudel

Emily Greenhouse

‘The modern novel can’t sidestep or ignore the idea of evil on an industrial level’

The Game of Evenings

Adolf Hoffmeister

For Bloomsday, James Joyce and Adolf Hoffmeister argue about a Czech translation of Finnegans Wake in a rare and intimate interview from 1930.

Interview: Bruce Chatwin

Michael Ignatieff

‘After lunch in the white study, with the wooden slat blinds drawn against the fierce bright sun reflecting off the snowy fields, he sits down in a canvas chair in front of the fire, hands together, fingers touching his lips, waiting: wary, amused, elusive.’

Interviews of the Boys from the War

Daniel Kon

‘In another platoon, they were stripped from the waist down and were told to rest their balls on a plank and were then hit hard from behind. In my platoon, they were put in the camp prison.’

Interview: Hari Kunzru

Hari Kunzru & Ted Hodgkinson

‘It was interesting to me how readily UFOs can be mapped onto a spiritualism, Madame Blavatsky and so on.’

The Stone-Thrower from Eisenhuttenstadt

Max Thomas Mehr

‘Last year, a photograph was published on the back page of a Berlin daily. It depicted a German mother from the town of Eisenhuttenstadt.‘

Interview: Salman Rushdie

Blake Morrison

‘It’s often said that writers should never explain their work, but perhaps we could agree that these are exceptional circumstances.’