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If You Were a Bluebird

Juliana Spahr

‘So the dolphins talks, talks, over thirty distinguishable sounds.’

Two Poems by Jack Underwood

Jack Underwood

‘We are nearing the conclusion of this anatomy. / We are strung between the point of ending, and / the point of having started.’

How to Get Over Someone You Love

Adam Fitzgerald

‘Would you like to come with me for some / old-fashioned inconclusive combat?’

From The Abstract Humanities

Sandra Simonds

‘let us / build the openwork fabric of our garden / on the fear in the body’


Claudia Rankine

‘Certain moments send adrenaline to the heart, dry out the tongue’

Position Paper

John Ashbery

‘No one was killed.’

Sanjay Nagar Blues

Anjum Hasan

‘motorcyclists like to howl / and dogs drop bulging bags of garbage / from their mouths when they see other dogs / they want to mount’

Origin Myth

Mary Ruefle

‘Life continually circled in cold inaccessible serenity around unhappy Earth’

High Table

Craig Raine

‘The inescapable smoke of her gown’

The Self-Illuminated

Don Paterson

‘One, perhaps his psalter, / the other, a manuscript, or a portable altar.’

from Long Talking Bad Conditions Blues

Ronald Sukenick

‘She was visibly ageing you could tell / that soon it was going to be a long / desperate race between cellulite and silicone’.

Podcast: Lawrence Joseph

Lawrence Joseph

‘I don’t know / where you are, I don’t know what / I’m going to do, I heard a man say; / the man who had spoken was myself.’

The Woman in the Moon

Carol Ann Duffy

‘Darlings, I write to you from the moon’

Fortunate It Is If Her Skirts Do Not Catch Fire

Amy Gerstler

‘ A nurse who rustles / is the horror of a patient, though perhaps he / does not know why.’

The Wife

David Katz

‘Ever notice the change that comes over / your gentle wife the minute she sets / foot in a grocery store?’

Katha Pollitt: Three Poems

Katha Pollitt

‘and close your eyes for a minute and suddenly / everyone you came in with has gone / and people are doing strange things in the corners.’


Ghassan Zaqtan

‘Nothing’s left to say between us’.

Hang It Up

Anne Carson

‘hang up your blood cell phone mr white slaver’


Paul Farley

‘I’m holding out. / I’m blue in the face.’

The Swing

Don Paterson

‘the honest fulcrum of the hour / that engineers our ghost’

Release the Darkness to New Lichen

Peter Gizzi

‘otherwise it is all otherwise I’m lost, did I say that’


Angélica Freitas

‘amelia, the real woman, / ran away with the bearded lady’

It was discovered that gut bacteria were responsible

Kathryn Maris

‘Each bacterium was entitled to pay / a fee in the form of mitochondrial energy to purchase / a ‘dream token’ to be dropped into a Potential Well.’

End of the Pier Show

Michael Hofmann

‘They were fascinated / by what they seemed to have contained.’

Observations on the Ground

Mary Ruefle

‘Those flowers belong to the dead.’

Tomaž Šalamun: Two Poems

Tomaž Šalamun

‘Heads of saints fell off and / smashed the glassy cages. My voice smashed them.’

Model Reconstruction of Ancient Rome

Sandra Simonds

‘Here I am. Sephora, symbol of stolen work.’

Abingdon Square Park

Rowan Ricardo Phillips

‘I once had had a thought / About a thought I once had had’


Jamie McKendrick

‘greener / for an alien crop of hogweed higher / than us’