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First Sentence: Patrick French

Patrick French

‘In Edwardian days, if you were growing up in England (though Maurice was from Ireland) your life was regimented.’

First Sentence: A.L. Kennedy

A.L. Kennedy

‘I have never seen anyone eat figs in the street and feel I am unsurprised.’

First Sentence: Yiyun Li

Yiyun Li

‘But for her, and perhaps for many, the solidity of an invented life is not trustworthy.’

First Sentence: Ange Mlinko

Ange Mlinko

‘I rediscovered the efficacy of meter (or the ‘contrast between fixity and flux’) when I was stuck in a shark tunnel with my kids and was afraid I was coming down with a panic attack.’

First Sentence: Héctor Abad

Héctor Abad

‘When I began to use the testosterone gel I fell in love with the woman who is now my wife.’

First Sentence: David Searcy

David Searcy

‘When I was a kid, my family doctor, right through high school, was this wonderful, funny guy with a little Boston Blackie moustache who looked a lot like Burgess Meredith.’

First Sentence: Miroslav Penkov

Miroslav Penkov

‘It was an old woman’s racism that inspired the first line of ‘Blood Money’’

Hero of Tiananmen Square

Orville Schell

‘The spring of 1989 was so apocalyptic that at the time it had seemed unthinkable that the year's events would fade or that China would ever be able to forget them.'

Motley Notes

Ian Jack

‘We showed 'the spirit of London', the same spirit of our citizen forebears during their bombing by the Luftwaff.’