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Tomaž Šalamun: Two Poems

Tomaž Šalamun

‘Heads of saints fell off and / smashed the glassy cages. My voice smashed them.’

A Clean Marriage

Sayaka Murata

‘Frequency of sex since marriage: zero.’

From Site

Daisuke Yokota

‘The photograph we are left with and the memory of that time do not progress along the same time axes.’

Filling Up With Sugar

Yuten Sawanishi

‘The vagina was the first part of her mother’s body that turned to sugar.’

Eight Trains

Alberto Olmos

‘To go is always to go somewhere; returning, you return to nowhere. That’s the way it is.’


Daniel Gascón

‘Charles Barr had given me back an essay on The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. He’d given me a good mark: probably thanks to my ten-year-old brother, who’d explained a sequence over the phone.’

Car Concentrate

Etgar Keret

‘Women mostly touch it tentatively with the backs of their hands.’

From the Past Comes the Storms

Andrés Felipe Solano

‘During the hottest months, the thermometer settles in at 100 degrees like a nonagenarian in a rocker – no one can make it move.’

Blazing Sun

Tatiana Salem Levy

‘It’s never easy to trade one love for another.’


Mo Yan

‘Once the preposterous reality set in, we were overcome by sadness.’

My Heart

Semezdin Mehmedinović

‘Today, it seems, was the day I was meant to die.’

German Quasi-Story of Ulrika Thöus

Salvador Espriu

‘For hidden though they may be – and it is incontrovertible that they are – sooner or later the testicles will have to appear.’

Flying Towards a Country of Rain

Wang Yin

‘This endless ambivalence clings to me / it’s plagued me nearly all my days.’

God Bless You, 2011

Hiromi Kawakami

‘He had treated all of us on the same floor to ‘moving-in noodles’ as a symbol of good will and distributed packets of postcards, a level of formality you don’t see often nowadays.’