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Zadie Smith in Conversation

Ted Hodgkinson & Zadie Smith

Zadie Smith on writing tighter sentences, the ‘essential hubris’ of criticism and why novelists prefer writing in their pyjamas.

Interview: Dina Nayeri

Dina Nayeri

‘I could shape a story before my mouth could shape the words’

Interview: Ben Lerner

Ben Lerner & Ted Hodgkinson

‘I have no memory of intending to write a novel.’

Rachel Seiffert: The Granta Podcast, Ep. 37

Yuka Igarashi & Rachel Seiffert

Rachel Seiffert reads her work and talks to Granta about writing silences, the inescapability of history, the Troubles and learning to love her characters.

Interview: Chinelo Okparanta

Chinelo Okparanta & Yuka Igarashi

‘I wanted to be sure to approach their resistance to Nnenna’s homosexuality from a practical perspective – one of fear, rather than one of hate.’

Interview: Juan Pablo Villalobos

Juan Pablo Villalobos

I’m not interested in ‘transparent’ or ‘objective’ narrators, I’m just looking for gripping fictional voices