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Paul Farley

‘I’m holding out. / I’m blue in the face.’


Fiona Benson

Up in shorn Drake’s Meadow the hay bales shine. / They’re sheathed in plastic tubing and the plastic / is slack at each end then tight round the bale / like a film.


Ben Lerner

‘We need to harness the vaguely erotic disappointment that attends the realization you aren’t being followed’


Jane Yeh

‘Her / Secrets play on continuous loop, // Like a B-movie.’

Dog Days

James Lasdun

‘Blizzard died. I’m remembering / his limitless affection’

Don’t Flinch

Adrienne Rich

‘How could this still / shock or sicken you?’

Drama Lessons for Young Girls

Tara Bergin

‘So the young girls, / cast as naughty young girls from the Acropolis, / left – / just with some things missing.’

Eel Tail

Alice Oswald

‘untranslatable hissed interruptions / unspeakable wide chapped lips’

Eight pieces in imitation of Thomas A. Clark

Matthew Welton

‘what it is about the earth / that it won’t absorb the stream’

Einstein on the Beach

Hugh Seidman

‘So many thugs in any century how crush them all? / All passports stamped for the underworld’


Sean O’Brien

‘It seems there's no such thing as history. / We must have dreamed the world you've vanished from.’


Raven Leilani

‘I sent messages in nine point font / arcing through the Internet, asking him / do you believe in our heavenly Father?’

End of the Pier Show

Michael Hofmann

‘They were fascinated / by what they seemed to have contained.’


Adrienne Rich

‘Consider yourself / a trombone blowing unheard’

Enjaracon Sponaeda

Will Alexander

‘how can all the pressures of surveillance / fail to describe me?’


Charles Simic

‘Could they be the same person?’


Richard Meier

'At midnight on our third and final date/I stepped inside her Edwardian conversion'

Face to Face

Tomas Tranströmer

ʻThe birds refused to fly and the soul / grated against the landscape.ʼ

First Sentence: Ange Mlinko

Ange Mlinko

‘I rediscovered the efficacy of meter (or the ‘contrast between fixity and flux’) when I was stuck in a shark tunnel with my kids and was afraid I was coming down with a panic attack.’


Feng Sun Chen

‘Every day, I see a monstrosity in the kissing hole.’

Flying Towards a Country of Rain

Wang Yin

‘This endless ambivalence clings to me / it’s plagued me nearly all my days.’

Force Visibility

Solmaz Sharif

‘Full or empty / was impossible to see.’

Fortunate It Is If Her Skirts Do Not Catch Fire

Amy Gerstler

‘ A nurse who rustles / is the horror of a patient, though perhaps he / does not know why.’

from Long Talking Bad Conditions Blues

Ronald Sukenick

‘She was visibly ageing you could tell / that soon it was going to be a long / desperate race between cellulite and silicone’.

From The Abstract Humanities

Sandra Simonds

‘let us / build the openwork fabric of our garden / on the fear in the body’

From the Flood Plain

Jamie McKendrick

‘No flood as parched as this’

from White Butterflies of Night

Jaan Kaplinski

‘I don’t remember whether I believed that I could just / abandon one life to begin another’


Ghassan Zaqtan

‘Nothing’s left to say between us’.

Hang It Up

Anne Carson

‘hang up your blood cell phone mr white slaver’

Heavily Redacted

Luiza Flynn-Goodlett

‘Syllables are excised by / X-Acto, fed into a shredder / for good measure.’

High Table

Craig Raine

‘The inescapable smoke of her gown’