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Gothic Night

Mansoura Ez Eldin

‘He wrote: they called it the city of eternal sun. Its sun set only after the last inhabitant slept, and rose before the first got up. They were all deprived of the night. They were not even aware of its existence.’

In the village of the mothers

Vénus Khoury-Ghata

‘The wells are kept for the use of the dead who splash the / walls with their silence’

Go, Japanese!

Kyoko Nakajima

‘On the boat none of them will know who will meet them where they go. This is the world, they say to themselves. There is no need to worry. And this part is true, as worry functions were never built in.’

Interview: Milan Kundera

Ian McEwan & Milan Kundera

'If you are a small nation, though, you do not make history. You are always the object of history.'