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Podcast: John Barth

John Barth

‘In the latest Granta Podcast, John Barth – one of the pioneers of American literature – reads his essay ‘The End?’, from the current issue of the magazine, Exit Strategies, at a live event held at Books&Books in Miami on February 7.’

Podcast: Jon McGregor

Jon McGregor & Ted Hodgkinson

‘He also discusses his enduring fascination with Lincolnshire and his new short story collection, This Isn’t The Sort Of Thing That Happens To Someone Like You.’

Podcast: Highlights of 2011

Ted Hodgkinson

‘After the readings stay tuned for some outtakes and extras, including an extract from a Liars League performance of New Voice Bilal Tanweer’s story 'After That We Are Ignorant', Lavinia Greenlaw reads her online poem 'Saturday Night' and Don DeLillo has an encounter with an unruly mircophone.’

Podcast: Don DeLillo & Paul Auster

Paul Auster & Don DeLillo

‘Though they are friends, they had not read and discussed their work in public together for over twenty years before taking to the stage this week, at Barnes & Noble, Union Square, New York, for the main event of Granta’s Horror issue.’

Podcast: Binyavanga Wainaina

Binyavanga Wainaina & Ellah Allfrey

‘Binyavanga Wainaina talks to Ellah Allfrey about meeting the expectations of an African readership and what to do with a bad review.’

Podcast: Will Self & Mark Doty

Mark Doty & Will Self

[Will Self and Mark Doty's] ‘discussion with Granta publisher Sigrid Rausing about blood, the surprising relationship between Bram Stoker and Walt Whitman and the nature of addiction.’

Granta Audio: Robert Coover

Robert Coover & Ted Hodgkinson

His wife comes in, baring, with a wink, her incisors, and offers him a Bloody Mary.


Robert Olen Butler

‘I wake and it’s dark and a woman is beside me, naked and small, and she is waking too and the room is still heavy with the incense she burned for her dead.’

Podcast: Islamabad

Cyril Almeida, Declan Walsh & Tahar Ben Jelloun

‘The Granta Fortnightly Podcast: the following is a recording of an event at Khaas House, Islamabad, at which Granta contributor Declan Walsh read from his essay ‘Jihad Redux’.’

Podcast: Lawrence Joseph

Lawrence Joseph

‘I don’t know / where you are, I don’t know what / I’m going to do, I heard a man say; / the man who had spoken was myself.’

Podcast: Jamil Ahmad

Jamil Ahmad

‘Ahmad weaves together a series of interconnected short stories based on the Tribal Areas of Pakistan – the semi-autonomous tribal belt territories which run along Iran and Afghanistan’s borders – where he worked as a civil servant before retiring.’

God and Fiction

Aleksandar Hemon & Stuart Dybek

‘Do writers of fiction have to create a cosmology in order to exist?’