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Filling Up With Sugar

Yuten Sawanishi

‘The vagina was the first part of her mother’s body that turned to sugar.’

Translated from the Japanese by Jay Rubin

A vague and childish thought had crossed Yukiko’s mind long ago, when she first learned that an illness existed in which the cells of the body turn to sugar: Filling up with sugar – what a lovely way to die! She imagined it must feel something like Hansel and Gretel’s joy on discovering the gi…

Yuten Sawanishi

Yuten Sawanishi was born in Osaka. He is the author of Furamingo no mura (Village of Flamingos), for which he was awarded the Subaru Literary Prize in 2011. He is currently studying modern Japanese literature in the doctoral program at Kyoto University.

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Translated by Jay Rubin

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