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Five Hours to Simla

Anita Desai

‘He had his hands deep in his pockets, and his face was lined with a frown deeply embedded with dust.’

Then, miraculously, out of the pelt of yellow fur that was the dust growing across the great northern Indian plain, a wavering grey line emerged. It might have been a cloud bank looming, but it was not—the sun blazed, the earth shrivelled, the heat burnt away every trace of spring’s beneficence….

Anita Desai

Anita Desai’s books include Cry, The Peacock; Fire on the Mountain; the children’s story The Village by the Sea; Journey to Ithaca, Baumgartner’s Bombay; In Custody, which was filmed by Merchant-Ivory; and Fasting, Feasting. She has been shortlisted for the Booker Prize three times. She teaches in the department of Writing and Humanistic Studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and lives in Cambridge, Mass.

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