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Granta Audio: Robert Coover

Robert Coover & Ted Hodgkinson

His wife comes in, baring, with a wink, her incisors, and offers him a Bloody Mary.

Robert Coover

Robert Coover was born in America in 1932. His novels include The Origin of the Brunists, The Universal Baseball Association, Inc., J. Henry Waugh, Prop., The Water Tower, The Public Burning and most recently The Brunist Day of Wrath. He has also published a collection of plays and Pricksongs and Descants, a several collections of short stories. Coover was Professor Emeritus in the Literary Arts program at Brown University from 1979-2012.

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Ted Hodgkinson

Ted Hodgkinson is the previous online editor at Granta. He was a judge for the 2012 Costa Book Awards’ poetry prize, announced earlier this year. He managed the Santa Maddalena Foundation in Tuscany, the affiliated Gregor Von Rezzori Literary Prize and still serves as an advisor. His stories have appeared in Notes from the Underground and The Mays and his criticism in the Times Literary Supplement. He has an MA in English from Oxford and an MFA from Columbia.

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