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Motley Notes

Ian Jack

‘What was it like to work in such a place?’

Perhaps the most famous factory in recent literature is Newark Maid Leatherware in Newark, New Jersey. It made ladies’ gloves—very good ones. Newark Maid, according to the company’s historian, became ‘one of the most respected names in ladies’ gloves south of Gloversville, New York, the ce…

Ian Jack

Ian Jack edited Granta from 1995 to 2007 and previously edited the Independent on Sunday. He has written for the magazine since 1987, when his piece ‘Finished with Engines’ was published in Granta 21. He has since written about the Titanic, Kathleen Ferrier, the Hatfield train crash and the three members of the IRA active-service unit who were killed in Gibraltar. ‘The Serampur Scotch’, published in Granta 100, is taken from a book about the industrial revolution and India that he may never finish. He writes for the London Guardian.

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