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Pig Skin

Andrés Felipe Solano

‘A perfect impostor.’

It’s not that I’ve forgotten his face, more that it changes each day inside my head, like lava from a constantly erupting volcano that cannot settle into a definite shape. One day, a dense fringe of hair covering his forehead is his most prominent feature. On the next, it is his baboon’s snout…

Andrés Felipe Solano

Andrés Felipe Solano is the author of the novels Sálvame, Joe Louis (Save Me, Joe Louis) and Los hermanos Cuervo (The Cuervo Borthers). His work has appeared in the New York Time Magazine, Words Without Borders and Anew. He was featured in Granta 113: The Best of Young Spanish-language Novelists. He currently lives in Seoul, South Korea.

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Translated by Nick Caistor

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