‘No market left



Capital’s interior monologue

lines the jet way

at Kennedy




By adjusting their orbits slightly,

electrons can reach out


and conjure


the tug

of more than one






One man plays


‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’

and ‘Hernando’s Hideaway’


on an accordion

in Spain.




On a silent

American Airlines screen


somewhere over the Atlantic

a woman cartwheels


towards Marriott



above the words,

‘Stay amazing!’







Because children suspect that objects conceal their powers and intentions,

animators make an alarm clock run, screaming, in circles.




Because as I lie facing the wall the bones of my eye socket hurt, I see myself

as an ancient skeleton recently unearthed. Then I appear in a re-enactment

of the moments before my death, a clear eyed young woman peering

from the mouth of a cave

into what I take to be

an open future.


Photograph © Riley Elias


Five Things Right Now: Diane Cook
The Conveyor Belt