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The Chronicle of the Wrinkled-Face Sheikh

Salman Natour & Yehouda Shenhav-Shahrabani

Translated by Yehouda Shenhav-Shahrabani Translator’s Note Salman Natour is a well known Palestinian author who...

Salman Natour

Salman Natour is a writer, journalist and playwright. He has published twenty-eight books and six plays in Hebrew and Arabic. He is the former editor of al-Atyhad magazine in Ramallah. Natour’s latest novel, Memory Talked to Me and Walked Away, describes stories and scenes from a Palestinian village after the war of 1948.

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Yehouda Shenhav-Shahrabani

Yehouda Shenhav is a professor of sociology and anthropology at Tel Aviv University, and is editor of the sociological book series Theory & Criticism in Context. Shenhav’s academic work on nationalism and ethnicity attempts to undercut the logic and assumptions of methodological Zionism. Shenhav, who defines himself as an Arab–Jew, translates prose from Arabic to Hebrew under his old Iraqi name: Shahrabani. Among his translations are She, Me and the Autumn and Memory Talked to Me and Walked Away by Salman Natour; and White Faces, The Journey of Little Gandhi and A Bundle of Secrets by Elias Khoury.

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