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The Interpreters: Among the Brahmins of Benares

Aatish Taseer

‘That first sight of the city curled around the river goes through me like the breath of something old and known and familiar. The city has been destroyed many times in the last thousand years, no less by development authorities than by conquerors. And yet it is so perfect an articulation of the culture that built it that the overlay of centuries has not muffled its voice.’ Aatish Taseer revisits Varanasi.

Aatish Taseer

Aatish Taseer is the author of The   Way Things  Were, shortlisted for the 2016 Jan Michalski Prize for Literature, and The Temple-goers, shortlisted for the 2010 Costa First Novel Award. He is a contributing opinion writer for the International New York Times. ‘The Interpreters’ is loosely drawn from a forthcoming work of non-fiction, The Twice Born.

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