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Things Remembered and Things Forgotten

Kyoko Nakajima

It was something Takashi remembered but Masaru had forgotten.

Translated from the Japanese by Ian. M. Macdonald

Most of the information in Nakajima’s deceptively simple prose about the characters’ lives, personalities, experiences and relationships is revealed indirectly through a series of dialogues that alternate between the present day, and the period immediately following the Second World War. This di…

Kyoko Nakajima

Kyoko Nakajima has worked as a journalist and editor. She is the author of several books and story collections including Futon, Chiisai ouchi (The Little House), Ito no koi (Ito in Love), Jochu-tan (Tales of Maids) and E/N/Ji/N (Misanthropus).

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Translated by Ian. M. Macdonald

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