Other cars with their slit eyes were coming toward us and passing us, as my sister discussed with me her experiments that can save the world.

We were aiming for Vladmir’s Vacuum Cleaner Service and Repair, so I drove us down the hill to where a dog was leashed to a parking meter – barking out constructively, if you like, his words to the wise.

I put on the brakes in front of Vladmir’s for my sister and for her broken-down machine. So then, I was feeling tired to death and I cupped my hands and blew into them.

Two women appeared embracing two of a kind – that is each woman held onto a globular lamp base that had luster.

Fused with their lamps – this matching set – the pair went northward alongside New and Used Firearms, and Massage by Jan and then they reversed their direction and came back at us.




Of course, nobody was there to greet me when I re-entered my house.

The exterior of the house is deep blood red and usually I am alone in it. The day’s mail was in the mailbox and a letter had arrived from my son, posted from a distant land. Here in darkish-blue ink was my reminder.

I closed my eyes in order to come round to, to pick up on, to further nose out something like Fresh Flowers For All Occasions – nothing gamey, raw, but true – rather this is a doctrine geared to help me to sleep or to drive, or to again park my car.


Photograph © Aaron Hockley

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